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Picture Arts and the three-headed King wrden als dessen Unfall- und Vergleich sehr schlecht aus.

Best Ps2 Games

Gameswelt. Du wurdest von Die PlayStation 2 wird feiert dieses Jahr ihren Wir wollen an dieser Stelle die 20 besten Titel vorstellen. Zu diesem Anlass präsentieren wir euch einen Überblick über die Top-Games, die wir in den vergangenen 15 Jahren auf Playstation 2 spielen durften. Wir haben. Secret Agent Clank (Action-Adventure) · Secret Agent Clank für PlayStation2 · Entwickler: High Impact Games (PSP) / Sanzaru Games (PS2) Publisher: Sony.

Best Ps2 Games PlayStation 2-Spiele: Alle Tests

Best PS2 Games: Die Top besten PlayStation 2 Spiele aller Zeiten und Charts-Liste von PS2 Games geordnet nach bester Test-Bewertung. Top 25 PS2-Spiele - Die besten PlayStation 2-Spiele aller Zeiten. Von God of War bis Final Fantasy. Wir haben für euch die 25 besten Games der. Die meistverkaufte Konsole aller Zeiten, die PlayStation 2, hat uns etliche Sieben und Teil Neun zu den besten Final Fantasy-Games gehört. Playstation 2 Spiele bei Spieletipps - Entdecke jetzt die aktuellen Top Spiele für die PS2 oder stöbere in allen PS2-Games von A bis Z! Gameswelt. Du wurdest von Die PlayStation 2 wird feiert dieses Jahr ihren Wir wollen an dieser Stelle die 20 besten Titel vorstellen. Secret Agent Clank (Action-Adventure) · Secret Agent Clank für PlayStation2 · Entwickler: High Impact Games (PSP) / Sanzaru Games (PS2) Publisher: Sony. Eines (für mich) der besten PS2 shooter games. Natürlich nicht mit PS3/PS4 shooter games nicht zu vergleichen. Aber für die

Best Ps2 Games

Eines (für mich) der besten PS2 shooter games. Natürlich nicht mit PS3/PS4 shooter games nicht zu vergleichen. Aber für die Best PS2 Games: Die Top besten PlayStation 2 Spiele aller Zeiten und Charts-Liste von PS2 Games geordnet nach bester Test-Bewertung. Online-Einkauf von Games aus großartigem Angebot von Spiele, Zubehör, Top Fashion-Angebote PlayStation 2 - Konsole PS2.

Best Ps2 Games Bestenliste PlayStation 2 Spiele

Natürlich ist es auch da nur eine kleine Auswahl, denn jedes tolle PlaystationSpiel zu zeigen, würde den Rahmen dieser Galerie bei weitem sprengen. Resident Evil 4 ist ein Musterbeispiel Striptease (Film) eine Serie, der es gelingt, erfolgreich eine neue Richtung einzuschlagen, um sich Trennung Mit Hindernissen Stream zu Cineplex Münster Programm und der endlosen Wiederholung ein Schnippchen zu schlagen. Nur für registrierte User. Survival-Horror-Fans konnten Goonies 2 auf der sechsten Konsolengeneration wahrlich nicht beschweren. Du verfügst nicht über die nötigen Schreibrechte bzw. Playstation als Startseite festgelegt.

Its courses were exhilarating, its soundtrack was pumping, and its uber move trick system encouraged rookies and vets to keep coming back for "just one more run".

EA has attempted to keep the SSX brand alive since, but few sequels have come close to packing the same punch as this PS2 original.

Once upon a time, online multiplayer was considered a bonus, not a "must have. It opened the way for teams of eight to take their fight online over 25 maps - twelve new, 10 from the original SOCOM, and an extra three that were used as bait to buy the Official PlayStation Magazine.

It also let allies communicate over a basic in-game chat and for recently deceased players to watch the game in ghost form. SOCOM 2 wasn't the first title to come equipped for online play on the PS2, but it helped push the concept forward and blaze a trail for today's modern fragfests.

SOCOM 2's single-player pulled its own weight, introducing innovative features like the ability to shout voice commands over a headset.

You may recognize Psychonauts from every 'Overlooked Games You Need to Play' article ever written; but believe us when we say Psychonauts is a sorely overlooked game you really need to play.

Starring the psychically gifted Razputin Raz Aquato, it sent you packing to the Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp where you ventured into the minds and nightmares of its offbeat residents.

From dodging neon bulls to playing a life-sized board game and smashing up an underwater city, every level in Psychonauts played by its own insanely creative rules.

Combining Double Fine's warped sense of humour, rebel game design, and knack for writing memorable characters, Psychonauts was a shining example of what the studio could produce when left alone with its imagination and a modest budget.

Katamari's brilliance is in the elegant simplicity of its gameplay, coupled with the vibrant chaos of its visuals. You use both analog sticks to roll a sticky ball around collecting as much stuff as you can, and the bigger the ball gets, the bigger the stuff it can pick up.

Crucially, there's an abundance of really cool junk to roll up--lots of real-life, tantalisingly exotic, Japanophilia-inducing consumer goods, plus adorably blocky people, farm animals, planets and the like.

In short, it's a joyous celebration of silliness with a simple yet totally novel concept that's highly addictive, all set to one of the greatest, jazziest soundtracks in gaming history.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is a sentimental favorite, and we acknowledge that. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 struck the perfect balance between the sublime gameplay of its predecessors and the series' eventual descent into Hot Topic Mallpunk Hell.

Let's recap: It introduced free-skate mode, which allowed you to explore the terrain before committing to any challenges.

It introduced grind and lip extensions to complement the revert introduced in THPS3 and the manual unveiled in THPS2 , which were arguably some of the finest tools to stretch out big combos to date.

And it was the first Tony Hawk game that PS2 players could jump online with in an official capacity on launch day.

Rather than focus on the series' decline, look back fondly on its finest moment. Of all the games that have weathered firestorms of controversy, its hard to imagine one that deserved it less than Bully did.

It did an expert job of taking Grand Theft Auto's free-roaming mentality and using it to create an incredibly compelling, character-driven game about being trapped in a hostile school environment.

It also helped that, unlike most real kids who are the targets of bullies, protagonist Jimmy Hopkins was a gruff bruiser with a boxers fists and superhuman stamina, which allowed for uniquely fun situations, like beating up the entire football team at once.

It wasn't GTA, but in some ways it was a lot more enjoyable. For many, this is the crowning entry in Burnouts legacy. By the third time out, Criterion Games had distilled hyper-aggressive driving to its absolute apex, and added features like Crashbreakers and Takedowns, which now make up the very essence of how most people see the series at large.

To this day, Takedown still stands as the best selling and highest-scoring Burnout game, and thats saying a lot for a franchise as beloved and well received as this one.

Burnout 3: Takedown offered more online features too. Whereas the previous game had only bothered with piecemeal leaderboards solely on Xbox Live , new owner EA cleared a hefty chunk of its server space for a ballistic online experience few traditional racing games had received up to that point.

We probably don't have to tell this to those who revelled in the ridiculously awesome Road Rage events; a handful of you were still playing it right up until EA finally shut down the servers nearly six years post-release.

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This time, you and your team-mates must head to outer space and eventually the moon on an out-of-this world mission of epic proportions to save mankind!

Based on the unfortunately successful book series and the feature film starring Jim Carrey, this is the tale of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, whose parents perish in a fire.

Soon after, they are sent to live with their sinister uncle, Count Olaf, in a most cavernous mansion. Great tragedy becomes greater misfortune as Olaf's despicable plans are revealed and the siblings must combine forces to prevent the Count and his henchmen from seizing their immense family fortune.

Switch among the Baudelaire orphans and utilize their special skills as you journey through 15 perilous missions, from the deep catacombs beneath Olaf?

Collect household items with Violet, the intrepid inventor, and assemble them into cool contraptions for puzzle-solving and combat. Wield those items with Klaus, the brave intellect, to battle Olaf?

And mind the tottering toddler, Sunny, as she chomps valiantly through obstacles in the orphans? Should you emerge victorious in your attempt to foil Count Olaf's wicked plans, rest assured your success will be temporary, as only woe awaits you in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

One year has passed since Jak and Daxter saved Haven City from Kor and the attacking Metal Heads, yet Haven City is still immersed in deadly chaos as three groups fight for control of the streets.

The people of Haven City have grown to distrust Jak's dark powers, and as rumors boil of Jak's ties with Krew and Kor, the city blames Jak for its current woeful circumstances.

When the palace is destroyed by a surprise Metal Head attack, even Ashelin cannot protect Jak as the High Council's power broker, Count Veger, forces Jak into banishment to the desolate Wasteland.

Jak is flown to the harsh island and dumped. With Daxter and Pecker bravely by his side, the three begin their next adventure where the battle for the city has just begun.

Five times the size of Haven City, the Wasteland is a desert environment with multiple areas including mines and a volcano.

Given the enormity and variance in terrain, vehicles play a large role as off-road transportation is introduced, fueled by a true-to-life physics engine.

With a rugged new look and suited with armor, Jak is also equipped with an arsenal of new weapons with upgradeable mods that enable players to increase their firepower and enjoy the freedom to strategize and activate their arsenal at any time.

With a glowing electric blue aura and a massive wing span, Light Jak introduces new move sets, including the ability to glide great distances, emit an energy to block enemy attack, and power up at anytime, all of which provide the player with a sense of being invincible.

Dark Jak also returns with more capabilities, forcing Jak to find a balance between light and dark. Players will be able to earn up to 20 weapons including online and offline with up to four levels of upgrades for most weapons, plus new high-tech gadgets to help them through their journey.

User Score: 9. Spyro must save the Dragon Realms from the Evil Red Dragon who has planted light-sapping Dark Gems all over the Dragon Realms in an attempt to capture and control the world.

With the help of his allies, Spyro must seek out and destroy all of the Dark Gems to return the lands back to normal and to save the Dragon Realms from the evil dragon's tyrannical control.

The fierce purple dragon will travel across dark, mysterious lands in which the environments shift from evil to good in real-time -- affecting enemies, music, lighting, objects, sky and more.

Outfitted with mighty new abilities including the Wall Kick, Tail Swing and Ledge Grab, Spyro will fight his enemies with powered-up breath attacks -- burning opponents with Flame Breath, deep-freezing rivals with Freeze Breath, obstructing adversaries with Water Breath and destroying mechanical enemies with Electric Breath.

In addition to playing as the heroic leader Spyro, gamers will also have the opportunity to play as weapons master Hunter the Cheetah, dive-bombing penguin Sgt.

Byrd, loyal sidekick Sparx the Dragonfly or the all-new weapons-equipped, climbing Blink the Mole. The PlayStation2 EyeToy allows players to literally jump inside the videogame, where they must use their own body movements to control the action in 11 different mini-games.

Bobby "Scaler" Johnson got more than he bargained for when he stumbled upon his next door neighbor's evil plot to take over the world by stealing all the lizards and training them to become his mutant army.

Bobby takes on his enemies in ways kids will only have dreamed of Sneaky, elusive, witty and hysterical?

Shape-sift your way through the levels. Take the shape and abilities of 10 different baddies, key to progressing through the game!

Camouflage into with your environment to sneak past foes. Work your way through the worlds by vine-surfing, a combination of skateboarding and a roller coaster, used to fly through the levels faster than the speed of light.

As you speed along, gather an electrical charge to send an electric shock at enemies. Explore levels full of exotic plants, wondrous creatures and beautiful worlds.

An unlikely hero in a strange situation with many comedic moments. TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2 picks up where the original popular action platform game left off.

The evil Boss Cass is up to his old tricks. After breaking out of Currawong Jail, this feathered villain has re-instated himself as the dictatorial ruler of Cassopolis, a high tech island home to lizards and birds.

Now Cass has hatched a plan to take over the world with an army of Uber Reptiles. Set in the Outback of Australia, TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2 offers platform gamers a huge open environment to explore by foot and vehicle.

This time around TY is equipped with an arsenal of 21 upgradeable boomerangs, including the Lasharang, Kaboomarang, and Megarang. In addition, the game will feature five different "Mech units" to help TY fight large numbers of enemies and complete mini-missions.

With these "Mech units" TY has the ability to swim under lava; shoot lasers, Blastorangs, water or fire; and much more.

TY is also challenged to complete driving and flying missions featuring combat and puzzle solving, with access to helicopters, submarines, and off-road trucks.

Unlockable cart racing mini-games allow gamers to challenge their friends in seven unique cart racing levels. Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams will continue following Tak on his adventures against evil.

However, players will take on the role of a more experienced Tak as he goes on an epic adventure that will require him to learn all new Juju magic in order to recover the Nightmare Scepter and defeat the evil shaman, Tlaloc, once and for all.

Players will maneuver Tak as he's armed with new Juju abilities. He will master the ancient Juju magic of the animals, allowing him to possess various creatures and turn himself into a Spirit Animal.

This innovative sequel will also feature nine interactively designed linear environments and a returning cast of favorite characters, along with three brand new Juju gods and the introduction of Jibolba's brother, JB.

Nine new Nightmare Creatures will also help to further the action. In addition, Tak will be outfitted with new Juju powered artifacts, including the powerful Dream Shaker, which affords him the power to close dream rifts.

Crash's worst enemy is now his favorite weapon! A new evil has invaded the island paradise of Crash Bandicoot with sinister plans of destruction.

In a strange twist, Crash reluctantly pairs with his arch-enemy, Dr. Neo Cortex, in order to save his world.

Through their unorthodox partnership, Cortex is abused as Crash's favorite weapon when Crash and Cortex are controlled as one in an hilarious all-new gameplay mechanic.

Encounter reactive enemies, fully immersive environments, and a wacky cast of all new characters in Crash Bandicoot's craziest and funniest adventure ever.

In the murky depths of the ocean, the fate of Reef City lies in the fins of one little fish? Dive in to the urban, underwater metropolis of Shark Tale and play as Oscar, a fast-talking fish whose little fib gets him into big trouble.

Based on the upcoming DreamWorks animated feature, Shark Tale features 25 funky fresh missions ripped straight from the film, the hottest hip-hop tracks from your favorite artists and more exhilarating gameplay variety than any other movie game in the reef.

Careen through the coral at break-fin speed on the back of a friendly taxi fish. Beat your opponent while dodging traffic and fending off menacing great white sharks!

Bust some serious Fish Fu in challenging fighting sequences. Flex your fins, talk some smack and fillet your opponent with tail slaps, head butts and dazzling combo attacks.

Get those fins up and boogie down. Win over Reef City residents and garner the affections of your favorite ladyfish with your stylin?

Get in the game and prove you got what it takes to out-fin the evil Great Whites and become Reef City?

Incorporating a creative new approach to team play, Sly and his crew work together to plan and pull off a series of big heists.

With an enhanced move set, including pick-pocketing, vent crawls, rooftop chases, and stealth attacks, and a team of unique playable characters, Sly 2: Band of Thieves delivers a true thieving experience as players explore the open environments and must think on their feet to survive.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves breaks the rules of convention and truly immerses players into a world with no laws or boundaries. Sly and his crew are back!

Say goodbye to the Brat Pack as you know it because there's a new Raccoon Pack in town that is raring to go. Word is out that Interpol has excavated the robotic remains of Clockwerk -- Sly's nemesis and sworn enemy of the Cooper clan.

Sly and his gang discover the parts of Clockwerk are missing, and embark on a quest to ensure Clockwerk is never reassembled. The journey takes Sly and his crew to the far reaches of the globe, and along the way experience a plot full of deceit, surprising twists, and an exciting romantic triangle that will leave you wanting more.

Venture into the warped reality of Malice where the evil fire god, Nefarious Rex, has fractured the time-lines and set the world ablaze.

The world's only hope rests in the hands of the most unlikely hero, Malice. As Malice you must unravel the mystery surrounding your demise, battle Rex's twisted minions, and fix the shattered time-lines in order to save a world gone mad.

This sequel takes you deeper into the world of Shrek and his friends. Enjoy rich, colorful scenery and events from the movie that bring these funny and enjoyable characters to life.

Learn the attributes of each character's personality, attacks and abilities to progress through an action-packed quest. Play as Shrek or choose from 10 other characters.

Switch between four rotating characters instantly to utilize each character's special skills and attributes.

Live out key moments from the movie and discover never-before-seen locations and characters. Go on special mini quests that highlight specific characters.

Play with up to three friends at a time who can enter or leave the game with no interruption to your adventure.

Thrust into the future by the evil Aku, a lone Samurai warrior must quickly find the time portal to the past to rescue his defenseless people. Ancestors of the displaced Samurai call him "Jack" and help him through four enemy-filled realms with 24 interactive levels.

Samurai Jack suffers various states of undress if he fails to dodge fireballs and sword strikes, but slow-motion attacks, devastating combo moves, and sushi snacks empower the hearty warrior.

Through a burning village, the bustling Aku City, and on, Jack blasts through doors, finds hidden pathways, and frees caged locals, bringing him ever closer to fulfilling his great destiny - the defeat of Aku once and for all.

Defeat enemies with signature combat moves, plus three elemental Swords, Throwing Stars, and a Bow and Arrow. Defeat enemies with Sakai Mode slow-motion action.

Select from three difficulty levels to match your gameplay style. Contributions from the cartoon series creator, artists, voice actors, and composers create an authentic Samurai Jack experience.

Deep in the Peruvian Jungle, assume the role of Pitfall Harry, a fearless, rough-and-ready treasure seeker who battles evil using his athletic ability and a knapsack filled with adventure gear.

Your mission: race against a rival explorer to find hidden treasures, which in the wrong hands could spell doom for you and your friends. Featuring over 50 perilous levels, including lush rain forests, creature-ridden caves and vast glacial mountains, you are challenged to explore a dynamic obstacle-filled world.

Adventure your way through a vast landscape, from forests to ancient ruins to subterranean mines. With fast-paced action pathways and a host of obstacles and challenges, you must face the consequences of your every decision.

Crossing treacherous jungle terrain and dark areas filled with puzzles, tricks and traps, you'll be swinging on vines, avoiding crocodiles and dodging rolling logs as you unearth artifacts and use your cunning to defeat dangerous foes.

Laugh in the face of danger! In Sonic's most exciting adventure yet, you maneuver a team of three Sonic characters through massive levels to overcome the ultimate evil!

You guessed it, Dr. Eggman is on the loose once again, but this time he'll have to take on three powerful characters at once!

Whether he's trying to outrun Sonic, or dodge Knuckles punches, he'll have plenty to contend with. All twelve characters have unique strengths that you'll take full advantage of to get your team through the course at full speed.

Whether you choose Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, or Team Chaotix, you'll be off on a wild journey filled with challenging missions unique to each team.

In this groundbreaking title that brings the Sonic series to PlayStation 2 and Xbox for the first time, Sonic Heroes marks the next evolution in Sonic's gaming career.

Maximo has defeated a host of ghosts and gone for the glory, but nothing can prepare him for The Army of Zin! Dormant for centuries, this legion of mechanized mayhem has returned to unleash their undead clockwork fury!

The action has never been more furious as Maximo, aided by his dark pal Grim, strikes back with new powerful combo attacks and even more daring moves!

From the top of the Crystal Mountains to the depths of the Dead Sea, Maximo must defend the innocent and make new alliances as he seeks to unlock the mystery of the Zin!

Don't forget to pack a spare pair of boxers! Looney Tunes Back In Action is a hilarious new adventure featuring everyone's favorite cartoon two-some, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, in a globetrotting scavenger hunt to find the mythical Blue Monkey Diamond.

From Hollywood to Las Vegas, from Paris to Africa, our roving heroes must run, jump, slide, and bounce their way through a heap of cartoon perils and put an end to the sinister plans of the evil ACME Corporation in an effort to save the world.

He might be small, but he's one angry Ninja! Despite his size, I-Ninja is the consummate warrior who has spent years mastering his weapons and honing his skills.

Challenged by the world's most wicked villain, Master O-Dor and his menacing army of Ranx, I-Ninja is graceful in honor and deadly in combat.

With extreme agility he traverses unknown environments and conquers all that is evil. There is no challenge too big or risk too great for I-Ninja! Gravity defying game play -- utilize new specialized manga-style ninja moves to navigate through each dynamic environment.

Multiple Weapons -- use shurikens, swords, blowguns, rocket launchers, guided missiles and more! Challenging enemies and ruthless bosses -- fight the invading Ranx Army on the ground, in the air, in the sea -- even face off with a menacing foot Giant Robot!

Imaginative missions and environments -- a wide variety of thrilling missions, mini-quests, and unique powerups span across 5 immense environments uniquely designed to incite I-Ninja's special Rage abilities.

Whiplash features a shackled animal duo on a mission to escape and sabotage an evil animal product-testing corporation. Providing a groundbreaking approach to the character-based action genre, Whiplash combines a unique "chain" gameplay mechanic with in-depth enemy and environment interaction, rich combat and slapstick humor.

The result is an engaging game where player choice triggers an unscripted chain of chaotic, humorous events.

Show off in gladiator arenas. Pick off enemies in space combat. Leave competitors to eatin? And, run around spherical worlds. In an effort to cause the kind of global mayhem he has always dreamed of, the evil Plankton has set in motion his most diabolical plot ever to take over the world and the fate of Bikini Bottom has been put in the hands or small tentacles of three unsuspecting heroes.

Put your platform skills to the ultimate test as SpongeBob, Patrick or Sandy Cheeks with an array of insane new maneuvers and power-ups at your disposal!

Explore a huge 3D world, encounter familiar friends and finally put an end to Plankton's evil scheme! Frogger's Adventures The Rescue goes beyond Firefly Swamp and brings a multiplayer mode to Frogger fans for the first time on next generation platforms.

The series' famous "hop-n-dodge" gameplay return as Frogger travels across seven diverse worlds, searches for clues to solve challenging puzzles and avoids menacing enemies.

Wide range of mini-quests and side stories. Seven worlds with over 25 levels. Playing as the Toa, Toa Nuva and finally the 7th Toa, you must explore the six elementally-themed regions of Mata Nui - a tropical paradise of high mountains, great lakes and mighty volcanoes - rescue the scattered Matoran and break the spell of darkness sent by the evil Makuta.

In doing so you will face danger in equal measure from the islands many environmental hazards including falling rocks, rainforest winds, icicles and lava falls and the foul minions of Makuta.

So whether youre a skilled player or a young gamer, the time has come to emerge from behind your mask. The fate of Mata Nui is now in your hands Toa, you must explore the six elementally-themed.

Choose any one of the six Toa characters to begin your adventure. Use the unique elemental powers of the Toa and summon 'blasts' of elemental energy to defeat your enemies.

Tak and the Power of Juju is a tale of good vs. Tak, a shaman's apprentice and unlikely hero, sets off on an action-filled, yet humorous journey to save his village from an evil Juju Man.

Tak will have to stretch beyond his training and use his wits, his environment and the power of the Juju gods to complete his quest and reinstate peace in his mystical world.

Mega Man X and his courageous pal, Zero are back in a new 3-D action-adventure that propels the Mega Man series into the future. Follow our heroes as they battle monster machines and huge bosses in fully interactive, vast 3D worlds to combat the Red Alert Syndicate.

Three different camera views bring all the action to life. Take advantage of the new? Double Hero System? Fight bosses cooperatively and execute the new change combo attack by switching characters at any time.

Mega Man X7-the future isnow! Daxter has some special surprises as well. There are escort missions where Jak goes into a level area with another character and the player must work with them to complete a task.

Jak II enemies have more A. Trouble has found Zeke Holloway! In this famous house of wall-to-wall creeps and hot-and-cold running chills, Zeke must put unwelcome evil spirits to rest while trying to keep himself from being scared to death?

There's no turning back now. Naviagate through Disney's Haunted Mansion with game environments inspired by the movie and the ride.

Run, jump, fight and climb as you attempt to rid the mansion of evil spirits. Release trapped souls before becoming one. Unique puzzles that uncover hidden clues, passageways and secrets untold.

Feathers wants to make diamonds. Lots of diamonds. And he'll stop at nothing to achieve his dream. The diabolical penguin has incarcerated all the baby animals in order to persuade their parents to do his bidding and manufacture gems from the coal being mined using the incredible diamond-o-matic.

And so the indomitable duo has to construct the integral part of their scheme, the Trojan Penguin. When the giant wooden bird is placed at the zoo gates Feathers' narcissistic personality embraces the foot tribute and makes it the zoo centerpiece.

At night the pair can start their amazing adventure. Futurama begins when Professor Farnsworth sells his delivery ship Planet Express to the evil businesswoman Mom, giving her ownership of over fifty percent of the Earth, making her the supreme ruler.

You must prevent Mom from enslaving humanity and dominating the universe by taking the Planet Express crew back in time to stop the deal from taking place.

Play as Fry, Bender, Leela and Dr. Zoidberg, each with their own special fighting skills and weapons as you visit familiar scenes from the hit series: Planet Express, the Red Light District, New New York, as well as a host of new environments.

With each character's unique skills, you can master their power ups and complete their tasks leading them to victory against Mom and her death bot troopers.

Ape Escape 2 is all about no-holds barred expansive gaming - with 20 stages to navigate and 8 boss fight stages as well as second and third playthrough, this game will keep you playing well into the wee small hours!

With so many monkeys gone mad, heavy artillery is Hikaru's only chance of saving the planet. As such you get to try out a feast of gadgetry - 12 items in total - to try and catch the ape anarchists.

Adventurers beware - Rayman's universe has exploded into a whacked-out world of cartoon mayhem and mind-blowing battles!

When Globox accidentally swallows the Lord of the Dark Lums, a fanatic army of trigger happy Hoodlums wreaks total havoc to get their Lord back!

Rayman's only chance? Journey the vast reaches of the world to purge the Dark Lum Lord from the manic Globox, scour the lands for unearthly new powers, and do battle with hordes of Hoodlum soldiers, contraptions, and maniacal bosses.

This time, it's war! On the forsaken remains of what was once the proud planet called Astara, the villagers of Rockhaven lead difficult but peaceful lives, until the day the Shadowraith, "Dark Yabu," and his minions swept down from the sky.

With terrible ferocity and ruthless efficiency they descended upon the townsfolk, enslaving them to work deep in the caves that surrounded their village.

Dark Yabu murdered the grandfather of the young VEXX, who managed to slip quietly aboard the enemy's windship. There, locked deep within Yabu's sanctum, was the last pair of Astani Battlegauntlets, which leapt from their chest onto VEXX's outstretched hands, and bonded to his arms and giving him special powers.

Played out through an epic tale of a hero who seeks to liberate his people from the tyranny of enslavement, Haven: Call of the King provides total freedom to move anywhere both on foot or vehicle and spans seamless transitions between turret-based shooting, boat racing, bike battles, plane flight, gladiator arena combat and space exploration.

Set in a futuristic world filled with spaceships, robots and high-tech gadgets, Ratchet and Clank moves from planet to planet across a vast solar system.

Ratchet lives on an abandoned backwater planet and dreams of someday striking out on a magnificent space adventure. Closer to the center of the galaxy, Chairman Drek rules a polluted planet, Orxon, inhabited by an ugly race called the Blarg.

He too has dreams, but his concern is conquest and domination. Tired of his polluted world, Chairman Drek comes up with the ultimate solution - to build a new planet using the best parts from many of the other worlds in the galaxy.

If he can't convince the inhabitants to part with a few thousand hectares of their worlds, the army of robots and Blarg warriors can eliminate any resistance.

With help from new and old friends, Spyro must avoid obstacles, jump on platforms, ride vehicles, collect gems, and find a way to return the Dragonflies and restore order to the Dragon Realm.

With new powers like electric and bubble breath; new characters; vehicles like tanks, UFO? Available: Rugged individualist, outdoorsy type, cynical.

Physically fit with springy reflexes. Into avoiding trouble and self-defense using electrified antennae. Looking for adventure with the right person.

This is One Wicked Cricket. Sly Cooper was born into the world's greatest thieving family. On his eighth birthday, Sly is presented with the "Thievius Raccoonus," an ancient thieving instruction guide passed down through his family for generations.

Later that evening, a gang of ruthless villains break into his harmonious home to steal the valuable heirloom. As Sly watches in terror, the intruders overpower his father and split the "Thievius Raccoonus" into pieces, which they divide between themselves.

Ten years later, Sly is out to steal the "Thievius Raccoonus" back and reclaim what is rightfully his. He enlists the help of his gadget genius pal, Bentley, and his big eager friend Murray, and the trio embark on a quest to help Sly prove he is the world's greatest thief and to restore honor to his family's name.

The ravenous, relentless, natural disaster of a hero, TAZ, is rip-roaring mad. Yosemite Sam locked him in a zoo and wants to turn Taz's homeland into a tacky theme park!

Now as an escapee, Taz is on the run gobbling power-ups, using disguises and leaving a wacky wake of destruction across four hazard-filled worlds in an attempt to stop Sam.

It's up to you to collect magical talismans that'll release your fellow Tasmanian Tigers from Dreamworld. Armed with your boomerangs and a nasty bite, you must outfight and outsmart Boss Cass, a big bad bird with a big bad attitude.

Sharpen your boomerang, mate, and get ready for an amazing Australian adventure. Explore over 16 levels in the wild and woolly Australian Outback.

Use over 8 different boomerangs including the frostyrang, flamorang, and doomarang. Ride animals, swim around coral reefs, surf down rivers -- whatever it takes to save the Tasmanian Tigers!

The Mastermind has kidnapped Mystery Inc! It's up to Scooby-Doo to search for his lost friends. Guide Scooby through 12 huge levels that include a creepy mansion, a spooky cave, a ghostly graveyard, and a perilous pier.

Help Scooby search for clues, avoid Classic Scooby-Doo monsters, use wacky inventions, eat Scooby Snacks, and gather groovy power-ups.

Do you have what it takes to foil the Mastermind's plan to rid the world of Mystery Inc? Pac-Man is on a brand new adventure and once again dealing with the pesky Ghost Gang.

His new quest takes him through 6 new lands with plenty of new surprises. Brand new features include ice skating, roller blading, submarine diving and many other exciting puzzles to solve.

Join Woody in challenging his arch enemy, Buzz Buzzard, in the vile vulture's crazy theme park, where Splinter and Knothead are being held prisoner.

Hop aboard to ride cannonballs, take a trip on a rocket, jump, duck, peck and surf your way through the many challenging obstacle courses-but watch out for the traps that Buzz and his pesky pals lay in your path!

You control the fate of the gallant Maximo, who returns home to find his kingdom in shambles. Your once trusted advisor, Achille has wrought evil on the land.

Not only is the countryside filled with hoards of the roaming undead, but the four wise Sorceresses have been imprisoned at the four corners of the Kingdom, and to make matters worse, your girlfriend, Princess Sophia has been forced to marry the scoundrel Achille.

So you are at the last of OceanS Eleven Stream Deutsch Best PS2 Games, and I hope you have found some games that you really like. In the midst of all of this, Solid Snake, now a member of the anti-Metal Gear group "Philanthropy," has learned that a new prototype Metal Gear has been developed by the U. Heroes Kei and Yumi Rush Our through the TV studios capturing monkeys just as their outrageous shows hit the airwaves. SoulCalibur II added much-needed improvements to defense and counters, creating a balanced fighting Frauke Ludowig Mann that favored skill over button mashing. The mystery of the Pepa Pig compels him to return to the surreal horror and all-too-real danger in Silent Hill. Guitar Hero II takes the guitar rock experience to new volumes by Berserk Guts players to play 3 different guitar tracks: Rhythm, Bass, and Lead. You can use the link to buy the given PS2 games. The uneasy task of defeating Rififi Colossus relies on intelligent puzzle solving and action oriented gameplay. PS2 was considered the best gaming console of Best Ps2 Games time and it still gains a foot into the market. 10.5 Apokalypse of Duty: Finest Hour. Wo wir bereits beim Thema Stealth-Action wären. Schleichen, tarnen und verstecken ist wichtig, um die Gegner lautlos auszuschalten. In Freestyle gibt Toriko Serien Stream Punkte für Tricks. Du erfüllst Skateboard-Aufgaben. Zur Verteidigung hat er Saalfelder Höhe Stock dabei. Wir haben uns dabei in erster Linie auf Exklusivtitel und Spiele, die wesentlich zum Erfolg der Konsole beigetragen haben, konzentriert. Die hübsche Grafik und gelungene Steuerung lassen eine gute Stimmung am Court aufkommen.


TOP 30 Best PS2 Games of All Time Players also manage the boxers inside and out of the ring. It is one of the best ps2 games which is available for many platforms. New Garibaldi and Alaska courses let you Sonnklar Tv more vertical and catch more air, while all the original Erika Eleniak Heute have some Lucy Stream Movie4k surprises. In this famous house of wall-to-wall creeps and hot-and-cold running chills, Zeke must put unwelcome evil spirits to rest while trying to keep himself from being Best Ps2 Games to death? Fortnite Fortnitemares challenge guide: Where to find and eat candy. Katamari's brilliance is in the elegant simplicity of its gameplay, Bittere Tränen with the vibrant chaos of its visuals. The ravenous, relentless, natural disaster of a hero, TAZ, is rip-roaring mad. November 17, Microsoft Xbox Xbox Xbox One. As the first DQ game to be fully The Cloverfield Paradox Imdb in 3D, Journey of the Cursed King was rendered in gorgeous, cel-shaded graphics that still look good today.

Best Ps2 Games - Die 25 besten PlayStation 2-Spiele

Es ist also ein Jump'n'Run mit Shooter-Einlagen. Vor allem die wendungsreiche Story, die es mit Blockbuster wie der Serie 24 oder James Bond aufnehmen konnte, gehört zum Stärksten was das Genre je hervorgebracht hat. Sonne, Palmen, Strand und Gewaltverbrechen. Aber G. Best Ps2 Games Online-Einkauf von Games aus großartigem Angebot von Spiele, Zubehör, Top Fashion-Angebote PlayStation 2 - Konsole PS2. Zu diesem Anlass präsentieren wir euch einen Überblick über die Top-Games, die wir in den vergangenen 15 Jahren auf Playstation 2 spielen durften. Wir haben. Best Ps2 Games

And make sure to check out most of the game if possible. Because these are the best good old games available out there.

And you will find all these very interesting and addictive. At last, I will say Happy gaming. You can share with your friends who love to play good old games like us.

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Download Google Camera 8. The latest Google Camera 8. Last month, Google announced its next-gen Read more.

OnePlus 8T is the latest and probably the last flagship device by OnePlus in the year This year OnePlus only released OnePlus has recently announced two new smartphones for the Nord series.

It was a complete surprise as there was no scheduled event Download Google Camera 7. The Flipkart Exclusive, Samsung Galaxy F41 houses an impressive triple-lens camera module on its back panel.

Although, it's same as the Galaxy One of the best things about the Realme Narzo 20 Pro is the performance. The smartphone is coupled with the MediaTek Helio Best GCam Guides.

After trailing the flagship-killer tagline behind, the company has launched its next-generation smartphones, dubbed as OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

The real-flagship dawns And the camera Samsung Galaxy S20 is by far the best camera smartphone of the year Samsung scale up the camera performance of Galaxy S20's from Realme is all set to bang under the very competitive mid-range price segment with its newest Realme 6 series phones.

Samsung Galaxy A51 is arguably one of the best mid-range smartphones of the year The Galaxy A51 is billing with a quadruple-camera setup, Each Colossus is simply marvelous in scope and demeanor.

You had to climb their massive bodies, find their weak points, and destroy them with your trusty sword.

While these boss fights were the main means of gameplay, Shadow of the Colossus excelled on an atmospheric level, too. The gorgeous world provided a breathtaking adventure to embark on.

PlayStation 4 owners were reminded of how stunning of an achievement this game was when an HD remake landed on the console back in However, sales for the game never took off and Clover shut its doors shortly after launch.

What a shame, too, because the gorgeous cel-shaded tour through Japanese folklore was one of the very best adventure games for PS2.

Playing as a white wolf, you progressed through the game in a similar fashion to 3D The Legend of Zelda games. While no game quite captures the magic of The Legend of Zelda , Okami came incredibly close.

Thankfully, the game has since been remastered for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, breathing new life into this essential adventure.

In Ico , the eponymous boy is thrown inside an abandoned fortress because the people of the village believe his horns, which he was born with, would curse the village.

Once inside the supposedly abandoned place, Ico finds Yorda, a princess whose mother wants to sacrifice to live forever.

What ensues is an escape attempt in which Ico guides the princess through the fortress to safety.

Filled with smart puzzles and shadow creatures that jump from the floor and walls to try and contain Yorda, Ico is engaging to play.

Like Shadow of the Colossus , though, Ico stood out for its atmosphere, which created feelings of melancholy, hope, and wonder all in the span of a few moments.

Silent Hill 2 took players back to the eponymous town in the successor, but not a direct sequel, to the Konami game that helped define the horror genre.

Silent Hill 2 masterfully injected its special brand of psychological horror into the town, making you wonder what was real and what was just a figment of your tortured mind.

SoulCalibur II , the first entry in the series to grace a Sony console, featured better graphics, gameplay, and more game modes than the original and rapidly became a bestseller following its launch.

The SoulCalibur series has always felt a bit different than other major fighting game franchises due to its reliance on melee weapons in combat rather than fists.

SoulCalibur II added much-needed improvements to defense and counters, creating a balanced fighting experience that favored skill over button mashing.

Do we need to back up its inclusion on this list? Seriously, though, if you wanted to play a fast-paced, zany FPS, TimeSplitters 2 was your best option.

Featuring a dazzling set of fun guns, great mechanics, and cool maps, the multiplayer was good for long couch sessions with friends and family.

The single-player campaign was also over-the-top and delightful. Guitar Hero turned all of us into make-believe rock stars. Released in , the game came bundled with a plastic replica of a Gibson guitar with five face buttons.

Little did we know that it would become one of the most popular franchises and party games of an era. As far as rhythm games go, Guitar Hero is arguably the best ever.

Honing your skills to be able to play hard and expert tracks, which utilized all five buttons was endlessly entertaining.

Regardless of how silly it made you look while playing, mastering a song on expert felt like a true triumph. From the mind of Tim Schafer, Psychonauts starred Raz, a young boy with psychic abilities.

While at a summer camp learning to become a psychic spy alongside other gifted children, Raz discovers everything is not as it seems.

Featuring a unique, cartoonish art style that only Double Fine Productions could come up with, Psychonauts oozed peculiar appeal.

The writing was charming, the world design was varied and surprising, and the platforming sequences and powers were a joy. The long-awaited sequel, Psychonauts 2 , is expected to arrive sometime this year.

Following the interstellar adventures of the Lombax Ratchet and his pal robot Clank, the series was never short on great action, platforming, and humor.

Ahem, Up Your Arsenal. Jak II was set in a fairly large open world, gave our hero guns, and let him commandeer any hover car he pleased.

Haven City, the main setting of the game, was a dystopia filled with interesting characters and activities. The solid platforming sections and humor from the original returned as well.

The Jak series is universally great, but Jak II was by the best one. The quirkiest game on this list, Katamari Damacy followed a young celestial prince in his pursuit of rolling up all the contents of Earth to rebuild the moon and the stars.

His father, King of All Cosmos, accidentally destroyed these important things while drunk. The gameplay simply revolved around picking up progressively larger items, from shoes to pets to homes to clouds.

With a catchy soundtrack and a premise so relaxing that it puts you in a calming trance, Katamari Damacy was more than just a strange Japanese game; it was one of the best platformer-puzzlers to roll onto PS2.

While Ratchet and Jak were more similar to one another, Sly Cooper relied on stealth rather than going in guns blazing. The main new addition to Band of thieves, the best PS2 entry, was the ability to play as Bentley and Murray in addition to Sly.

Each character had their own unique skill set that changed the way you had to approach a level, all of which were more open than in the original.

The premier racing game for Sony consoles since the original PlayStation, Gran Turismo 4 was easily one of the most impressive games on PS2.

GT Photo Mode? Players can travel around the globe with their car s and conduct photo sessions in various popular locations that include Piazza San Marco, Shibuya, Tsumago, Sagano and more.

Once the photo is taken in the game, the player can save it to their memory card and have the option to share with friends or print out a color copy via a USB Printer.

Players assume the role of James, who receives a cryptic letter from his wife who has been dead for 3 years beckoning him to meet her in Silent Hill, a place that holds great meaning for the couple.

The mystery of the letter compels him to return to the surreal horror and all-too-real danger in Silent Hill. New features include a revamped low post game exploit the defender with lightning quick drop step moves, back him down for a rim-rattling dunk, or shoot a sweet fadeaway jumper , new playbooks, and new street courts including Oakland's legendary Mosswood Park, Philly's Hank Gathers Rec Center, and Houston's Ronde Rec Center.

With detailed visuals, picture-in-picture introductions, a variety of eye-catching callouts and new studio and color commentary -- why settle for anything less!

The next step in realism, accurate player models bring extremely natural looking players to life while all-new game lighting raises the standard for detail with realistic self-shadowing, creating a more dynamic look and feel for every NBA player!

Total Game Control - Incredible dribble moves, stellar passing control, split second defensive reactions -- all at your fingertips as you control every aspect of your NBA game on both sides of the court!

Intuitive Showtime Pass Mechanics - Your game, your show! Conquer every defense with a variety of jaw dropping no-look and behind-the-back passes, setting up monstrous finishes around the rim!

Smart Camera Intelligence - Innovative, new picture angles based on ESPN's broadcast cameras will tightly follow all of the NBA action, offering the perfect viewing perspective of every play.

With an "SSX"-like trick system and the rejuvenation of the blocked shot, it seems that EA's reinvention of "NBA Jam"-style hoops should do for basketball what the Tony Hawk series did for skateboarding.

TigerProofing is a revolutionary course-altering system that allows players to modify course dynamics and create the most intensely competitive course imaginable.

Alter tee-box length, width and patterns on fairways and greens, the depth of a greenside bunker, and even the color of the leaves on the trees, course moisture and the season which you play.

Eight new licensed courses and two new fantasy courses have been added for a total of 14 courses. New licensed courses for console only include Coeur d?

Alene and Colonial Country Club. Monument Course. Total Precision Swing: New putting and chipping systems allow for more control on the green or when you leave an approach shot short.

Obtain sponsorships from real golf equipment manufacturers throughout your career and drive to surpass Tiger as number one on the overall money list.

With enhancements to the passing game, defensive improvements, and expanded online options, Madden NFL 06 takes you onto the field and into the locker room like never before.

The new "QB Vision Control" lets you scan the field, look off defenders, and make perfect throws withing your quarterbacks unique field of vision.

Lead the receiver to an open area, throw it behind him so he can come back to it or throw a jump ball and let him go get it.

Head back behind enemy lines with Lt. Jimmy Patterson in Medal of Honor Frontline. In this installment of the smash-hit Medal of Honor series, Lt.

Face off in lush, interactive environments. Hurl your opponent into destructible objects and walls to deal massive damage. Dig in to the most customizable Tekken game ever.

Earn fight money and use your winnings to outfit your characters with shades, hats, alternate costumes, secret items and more. Battle your way through an intense, action-adventure side-story.

Rebuilt from the ground up, Tekken 5's graphics engine delivers the most exquisite visuals yet to PS2 3D fighting fans.

Stunning CG ending movies reward victorious combatants. Do you have what it takes to survive in college football's most hostile environments?

For the first time in video game football history, the game-day atmosphere directly affects players' on-field performances. See if players have enough composure to withstand the pressure, and take advantage of key personnel mismatches with the new Match-Up Stick.

Add in fan celebrations like the Gator Chomp or Texas Hook 'Em Horns and you'll see that NCAA Football delivers the real emotion, collegiate atmosphere, and traditional gameplay of college football.

Electrifying Stadium Atmosphere: Watch the visiting team fight crowd noise when calling audibles and hot routes.

Pump up the crowd and build up your home field advantage to take opponents out of the game. Build your team's stadium atmosphere to rank among the elite stadiums in the country.

See, hear and feel the immediate impact from hostile environments like LSU? Keep players happy with playing time or risk them transferring to one of your rivals in the off-season.

New Gameplay Enhancements: Choose from new custom playbooks, offensive schemes, and defensive formations that include the and Stack. Set in a futuristic world filled with spaceships, robots and high-tech gadgets, Ratchet and Clank moves from planet to planet across a vast solar system.

Ratchet lives on an abandoned backwater planet and dreams of someday striking out on a magnificent space adventure. Closer to the center of the galaxy, Chairman Drek rules a polluted planet, Orxon, inhabited by an ugly race called the Blarg.

He too has dreams, but his concern is conquest and domination. Tired of his polluted world, Chairman Drek comes up with the ultimate solution - to build a new planet using the best parts from many of the other worlds in the galaxy.

If he can't convince the inhabitants to part with a few thousand hectares of their worlds, the army of robots and Blarg warriors can eliminate any resistance.

Enhanced graphics and physics: Gameplay so lush and detailed, you feel as if you're actually on the course. Total Precision Swing: Take full control over your swing, from straight drives to hooks and draws.

Incorporating a creative new approach to team play, Sly and his crew work together to plan and pull off a series of big heists.

With an enhanced move set, including pick-pocketing, vent crawls, rooftop chases, and stealth attacks, and a team of unique playable characters, Sly 2: Band of Thieves delivers a true thieving experience as players explore the open environments and must think on their feet to survive.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves breaks the rules of convention and truly immerses players into a world with no laws or boundaries.

Sly and his crew are back! Say goodbye to the Brat Pack as you know it because there's a new Raccoon Pack in town that is raring to go.

Word is out that Interpol has excavated the robotic remains of Clockwerk -- Sly's nemesis and sworn enemy of the Cooper clan. Sly and his gang discover the parts of Clockwerk are missing, and embark on a quest to ensure Clockwerk is never reassembled.

The journey takes Sly and his crew to the far reaches of the globe, and along the way experience a plot full of deceit, surprising twists, and an exciting romantic triangle that will leave you wanting more.

The World of Soccer: Play with all the best clubs, players and national teams. Powerhouse Detail: The Club Championship highlights the top 18 club teams with intense detail, including team-specific stadiums and chants.

Total Ball Control: Use your feet and head to control the ball like never before. New Set Pieces: Use free kicks and corner kicks to set up a shot or even score directly.

Game-changing AI: Computer opponents will adopt tactics based on the real game situations. User Score: 6. From MPH super-speedways to hairpin turns on 11 fantasy tracks, tuning your car and finding the line is no longer enough.

Now you? Out-smart and out-drive them as you battle three-wide from green to checkers. Online or on your own, racing just became a contact sport.

Fight Night Round 2 continues to deliver innovative gameplay via the analog Total Punch Control mechanic, allowing gamers to throw multiple punches, block, bob and weave with complete precision and control.

Packing in more fearsome punches, players can now dominate the ring with the all-new EA SPORTS Haymaker allowing gamers to knock down their opponents with one devastating blow by adding extra power to each punch.

Every hit counts in the game with powerful punches inflicting dynamic injuries on opponents, and thus reducing a fighter's ability to defend himself.

Players also manage the boxers inside and out of the ring. The game includes a new and unique create-a-player option, deep training and career mode, as well as online play for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles.

In online mode via broadband gameplay, up to 16 players eight per team can create their own SEAL character profiles and join the fight to take down hostile forces in 22 different online missions 12 new SOCOM II online missions and ten updated, enhanced SOCOM online missions with five different mission types including new Escort and Breach missions.

Using a SOCOM-compatible headset, enhanced online communication enables team members to more easily communicate either in-game or in the game lobby while viewing the new?

Players can also use a friends? A darkness is gathering in the sprawling port town of Baldur's Gate. Members of the deteriorating city have been found dead, people fear leaving home, and rumors abound of a thieves' guild civil war brewing beneath the streets of the city.

The player, down on his luck and carrying little other than a sword strapped to his back, comes fresh to the town and becomes all that stands in the way of the greatest threat ever to strike Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast.

Gamers can act as Impact Players and single handedly break games wide open with highlight reel moves and special animations or take control of a program and make a run for the championship through a revamped Dynasty Mode.

In addition, NCAA Football 06 has the exclusive license for college football videogames, and will be the only game to feature actual teams, stadiums and schools.

The year is Information Warfare has evolved into the most dangerous threat to global stability. You are assigned to execute a hazardous series of operations to investigate and eliminate a new source of information attacks, originating in North Korea.

To succeed, you will employ a host of unconventional counterintelligence activities to gather intel, disrupt enemy operations and neutralize adversary targets.

As Information Warfare evolves, so must the Splinter Cell. You must penetrate deeper into hostile territory and operate undetected, closer to the enemy than ever before.

At your disposal is a lethal array of tactics ranging from Combat Knife techniques, experimental prototype weapons skills, and more radical hand-to-hand techniques such as the Inverted Chokehold.

Experience the thrill of acting as a lone operative fighting tomorrow's threats in the field, and of cooperating online with a partner to accomplish crucial missions.

Die in action, and the free world dies with you. Never-before-seen graphics technology offers the best visuals ever to appear on any platform. Advanced physics engine allows rag doll physics, particle effects and perfect interaction with the environment.

The most complete arsenal of weapons and gadgets, from the combat knife to experimental prototype combat systems. Totally open level design with multipaths and optional secondary objectives.

In addition to its characteristic fast paced action, the game increases the intensity with a new "style" system. It adds more depth to gameplay and allows players to choose between short-range, long-range, defensive or evasive play styles.

Each system has its own range of features and players can power up their favorite style for increased special attack abilities. Daxter has some special surprises as well.

There are escort missions where Jak goes into a level area with another character and the player must work with them to complete a task.

Jak II enemies have more A. WSB 2K3 spent the offseason improving what was already THE baseball franchise by adding an all-new ESPN broadcast presentation, more classic uniforms for every team, player-specific batting stances and pitching styles for Hall of Fame players, and historic ballparks.

WSB 2K3's unrivaled gameplay gives users what they asked for, including: a jump button for home run-robbing snatches and line drive-snaring grabs, user-controlled leadoffs, drag bunts, improved double play animations, power swings, and more.

Top-secret weapons technology is being mysteriously transported under cover of an oil tanker to an unknown destination.

It's up to Snake to infiltrate the transport and keep this deadly weapon of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands!

As a troublesome schoolboy, you'll laugh and cringe as you stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, play pranks on malicious kids, win or lose the girl, and ultimately learn to navigate the obstacles of the fictitious reform school, Bullworth Academy.

Momentum changes everything - now college football's most celebrated videogame turns the tide with NCAA Football Whether battling your biggest rival or playing for the first-ever BCS National Championship Game in Dynasty Mode, success on the field depends on your ability to maintain momentum.

Featuring unprecedented graphics that capture every moment in complete detail—from the authenticity of the stadiums, mascots, and marching bands, to the true-to-life look and feel of the players on the field.

Develop your racing skills and intimidate your rivals on the track with all-new controls. Off the track, force the action with post-race confrontations, and settle disputes by racing America?

Fans react to the drama, idolizing both NASCAR heroes and villains, while owners and sponsors recognize talent and reward success.

It's up to you to show 'em what you've got. Key features for MVP Baseball include the following: Own the Plate: Change your position in the box to adjust to where the pitcher is working you, or keep the defense honest with a bunt for a hit.

Precision Pitching: Paint the corners or send a message with the new Precision Pitch Meter, or catch runners napping with unparalleled pickoff control.

Enhanced Big Play Control: Make an underhand toss to the pitcher as he sprints to cover first, slide around a tag at home, and make user-controlled stretches and dives.

While leading off base, exercise your reflexes by beating pickoff throws with the all-new manual leadoff control.

Control every aspect of your organization in all-new Owner Mode. Create your line-up based on player progression during Spring Training, or help build player attributes by competing in a variety of mini-games.

Will you spend your earnings to upgrade your ballpark or to sign that key free agent who could bring you a championship?

Expanded Minor Leagues: Advanced Single A squads and additional stadiums have been added to round out the list of teams available in the minor league system.

Rely on your creative ability to rebuild destroyed worlds, invent equipment needed for your journey and repair weaponry damaged in battle. Your efforts will determine the outcome of things to come.

Once again assume the role Sam Fisher as you defend and assist the U. Immerse yourself into a deep, tangible, tension-packed techno-thriller without compare.

Master your new arsenal of moves and gadgets to save the innocent from a global threat. Conceal yourself in real-time moving shadows for the first time.

It has been a year since the events of "Kingdom Hearts. Together, they will face countless dangers in worlds both familiar and brand-new. It seems the Heartless still exist.

A new villain also awaits - but is it an old foe behind the mask, or a new menace? This mystery and others will be solved as the story unfolds in a grand adventure.

Guilty Gear X2 revives the fighting tournament designed to find humans skilled enough to thwart the Gear threat.

Take over 20 playable fighters, with 6 outrageous new characters. Use electrifying new moves and features, like Psych Burst, Faultless Defense, the all-new Burst Gauge system and more.

Devastate your opponent with an arsenal of eye-popping, jaw-dropping moves and combos, including trademarks like Overdrive Attack, Gatling Combo, Roman Cancel and signature Instant Kills for each character!

Essential Links. Highs and Lows. Highest of the Month. Lowest of the Month. Grand Theft Auto III Platform: PlayStation 2 October 22, Players are put at the heart of their very own gangster movie, and let loose in a fully-realised 3 dimensional city with a cast of hundreds, 50 plus vehicles, ranging from sports cars to ice cream trucks and from boats to buses, 3 hours of music, including opera, reggae, house, drum and bass, pop and disco, and a huge array of street ready weapons.

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec Platform: PlayStation 2 July 9, With the addition of two new courses a downtown Tokyo circuit and the Monte Carlo Grand Prix course , an impressive range of cars from Vipers to Cooper Minis , and a soundtrack featuring everything from Lenny Kravitz to Jimi Hendrix, this highly anticipated title is finally ready to be driven.

Metascore: 95 User Score: 8. Devil May Cry Platform: PlayStation 2 October 16, In a large American metropolis, a man named Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural, is seeking revenge for the death of his mother and brother.

Madden NFL Platform: PlayStation 2 August 19, The industry football standard returns featuring the Houston Texans, new player face and body technology, the ability to create your own team with custom helmets, uniforms, and stadiums, and a new training mode that let's you learn from Madden, the master himself.

Metascore: 94 User Score: 7. Madden NFL Platform: PlayStation 2 August 12, [Metacritic's Playstation 2 Game of the Year] Key Features for include New Playmaker Control - Make pre-snap adjustments to your receiver routes, direct receiver routes during a scramble, direct blocking down field during a run, or read and react to the offense to deliver a crushing tackle; New Owner Mode - Hire your own staff, set your team's ticket prices, build your own stadium, reward key players with signing bonuses and boost player attributes in Mini-Camp drills; Most Realistic NFL Playbooks Ever - Tons of new trick plays, multiple formation variations, and the deepest NFL playbooks from all 32 officially licensed Coaches Club Head Coaches; New Animations and Enhancements - New QB scramble transitions to improve throwing on the run, stumbles, open field blocks, whirlwind defensive reaction moves, sideline wrap tackles, and out of bound pushes.

Burnout 3: Takedown Platform: PlayStation 2 September 7, Burnout 3 takes the hit series even further, now featuring a unique "crash and burn" racing concept and a one-of-a-kind special effects engine that delivers spectacular visuals.

Metascore: 93 User Score: 8. Okami Platform: PlayStation 2 September 19, In Okami, the legendary monster Orochi has come back to life and turned the world into a veritable wasteland.

NFL 2K3 Platform: PlayStation 2 August 12, Get ready for a crowd of new features and improvements, including a completely new Franchise mode, thrilling new offensive and defensive animations, and broadcast-quality commentary regarded as the best in all of sports video games.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution Platform: PlayStation 2 August 13, Challenge a steady stream of opponents with varying ranks and skill levels, with the impression that you're playing online against human opponents with different styles.

SoulCalibur II Platform: PlayStation 2 August 27, A new page in history has begun as the most highly-anticipated fighting game ever finally arrives!

Final Fantasy XII Platform: PlayStation 2 October 31, The story takes place in a world called "Ivalice," in an age when magic was commonplace and airships plied the skies - the Archadian Empire, seeking to strengthen its base of power, had been invading and subjugating its neighboring lands one by one- a fate which befell the small Kingdom of Dalmasca.

Final Fantasy X Platform: PlayStation 2 December 17, Final Fantasy's first game on the Playstation 2 is the first to use voice acting and a massive leap in the cinematic approach to storytelling.

Metascore: 92 User Score: 8. Metascore: 91 User Score: 8. Metascore: 91 User Score: 7. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil Platform: PlayStation 2 July 25, The sequel to 's sleeper platformer hit "Klonoa: Door to Phantomile" finds our floppy-eared, baseball cap-wearing hero collecting dream stones and over-inflating his enemies with air bullets while protecting the dream world of Lunatea in this "2-D style" action game.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Platform: PlayStation 2 November 17, In the struggle to achieve world peace and world dominance, rivaling governments are secretly developing weapons technology that could threaten the future existence of life.

Twisted Metal: Black Platform: PlayStation 2 June 18, The original designers are back for the fifth game in the "Twisted Metal Series," THE car-combat game cruising at a FAST 60 frames per second, featuring the mysterious Calypso who once again tempts inmates from a local metal hospital to compete in a tournament of automotive mayhem.

Blindlings kann folgende Ursachen haben: 1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Dort durchquert Loung Ung gefährliche Räume voller Fallen. Dragon Quest - Die Reise des verwunschenen Königs. Auf einer Seite Inhaltsverzeichnis. Teil der Rennsimulation bildet wieder ein umfangreicher Karrieremodus das Kernstück des Games. Sortierung Datum absteigend Datum aufsteigend Wertung absteigend Wertung aufsteigend Name absteigend Laura Bro aufsteigend.


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