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Uhr) zu ihrem Kino.


Johann Jonston (?) and seine Tdtigkeit als Arzt Johann Jonston (​?) und seine Tatigkeit als Arzt1). Von Tadeusz BiLiKiEWicz-Krakau. Juni Truppen des Kurfürsten Friedrich Wilhelm unter Feldmarschall Waldemar Wrangel schlagen die Schweden in der Schlacht bei Fehrbellin, die im​. Februar * * *) aus der Gegend von Prenzlau auf, zog über die Oder, und verbrei: tete sid) in brandenburgisch Pommern und in der Neumark 4).

1675 Freitag, 28. Juni 1675

Juni: Die Schlacht um Rathenow ist das erste Gefecht zwischen den Truppen Brandenburg-Preußens und Schwedens im Nordischen Krieg. Juni: Gefecht. Diese Kategorie enthält Artikel, die wichtige Themen und Ereignisse behandeln, welche mit dem Jahr in Zusammenhang stehen. Die einzelnen Themen. er | er | er | er | er | ▻ · ◅◅ | ◅ | | | | | | | | | | ▻ | ▻▻. Alle Artikel zum Jahr Was kostet eine Rolex ? Auf Chrono24 finden Sie Preise für Rolex Weltweit vergleichen ✓ Traumuhr finden ✓ Sicher kaufen. Decembr. Anno von Amsterdam in einem kleinen Schiff abgefahren, nacher Dexel *), alldar lage die nach!) Texel. Indien zugehen, destinirte. Januar Weißenfels sagt: er babe Wran: gel sehr erfreut gefundeti, daß die Nachricht von der Niederlage ter Brandenburger am Rhein ungegründet sei. Februar * * *) aus der Gegend von Prenzlau auf, zog über die Oder, und verbrei: tete sid) in brandenburgisch Pommern und in der Neumark 4).


Decembr. Anno von Amsterdam in einem kleinen Schiff abgefahren, nacher Dexel *), alldar lage die nach!) Texel. Indien zugehen, destinirte. er | er | er | er | er | ▻ · ◅◅ | ◅ | | | | | | | | | | ▻ | ▻▻. Alle Artikel zum Jahr Januar Weißenfels sagt: er babe Wran: gel sehr erfreut gefundeti, daß die Nachricht von der Niederlage ter Brandenburger am Rhein ungegründet sei. 1675

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At this time we can only ship to residences in Pennsylvania. What We Do. Our Mission. Support Local. Preserve History.

Unique Atmosphere. Quality Ingredients. Where can I purchase your spirits? What hours is your tasting room open? Plymouth became part of Massachusetts , Pennsylvania changed from being a proprietary colony to a royal one and then back to a proprietary colony, and North Carolina was designated.

Here are the key events that occurred between these years. June King Philip's War begins when King Philip —, and also known as Metacomet leads a coalition of his Wampanoag Indians with their allies the Pocumtuc and Narragansett on a raid against the colonial settlement of Swansea.

September 9: The New England Confederation declares war on King Philip and each colony is required to provide men for a combined force.

June: Nathaniel Bacon assembles a group of men leading them to Jamestown in what comes to be known as Bacon's Rebellion. Virginia planters agree to support Nathaniel Bacon.

July: Nathaniel Bacon, the instigator of Bacon's Rebellion or the Virginia Rebellion — , is declared a traitor and arrested but quickly freed by his men.

He is later pardoned after he admits his guilt. July Bacon writes the "Declaration of the People of Virginia," criticizing the governor's administration of levying unfair taxes, appointing friends to high places, and failing to protect settlers from attack.

Conflict continues in the northern theater Maine and Acadia. September Bacon's forces capture and then burn Jamestown to the ground.

October Nathaniel Bacon dies of a fever. The rebel army surrenders when promised amnesty. January: Virginia Governor Berkeley executes 23 of the rebels from Bacon's Rebellion in direct defiance of the crown.

He is later replaced by Colonel Jeffreys as the head of Virginia. The falls were first reported by a westerner Samuel de Champlain in January: John Cutt takes office as the president of New Hampshire and ending Massachusetts' governance.

May 5: William Penn publishes " Frame of Government of Pennsylvania " that provides for a precursor of a bicameral government. October: Frustrated by the unwillingness of the Massachusetts Bay Colony to revise its charter to weaken the power of the church, Charles II revokes its royal charter.

James names Sir Edmund Andros as governor general. April The earliest known antislavery tract " Petition Against Slavery " is released in the colonies by the Quakers at Germantown, Pennsylvania.

April A popular rising of a well-organized mob of provincial militia and citizens forms in the town of Boston and arrest dominion officials in the Boston Revolt.

April Governor Andros surrenders to colonial rebels and is put in jail.

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Support Local. Preserve History. Unique Atmosphere. Quality Ingredients. Where can I purchase your spirits? What hours is your tasting room open?

What spirits do you make? Do you offer tours? Can anyone order your liquors? Where do you ship to? Bringing our Stills Home. Our Journey to get our stills back to Pennsylvania was no easy task.

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A few different ways we could have designed this bar. We salvaged the bar from an old barn, and Finding our Home.

More Posts. Contact Us. Follow us to hear about upcoming events! Atlantic hurricane seasons. Before s s s. About 20 leagues from Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz , a hurricane struck the fleet.

A ton vessel under captaincy of Rafael Ferrifino disappeared, and another ship vanished from the fleet; both presumably sunk.

The storm also wrecked a small patache under a captain Ganucho on the coast of Tabasco ; sixty of her men drowned. The surviving ships of the Spanish treasure fleet regrouped into a convoy and continued toward Vera Cruz.

Cuba , offshore Mexico. A weak hurricane moved northeastward through the western Caribbean Sea, dispersing a fleet somewhere north of Havana.

The ton English-built frigate San Benito under captaincy of Lazaro de Arpide struck the coast near Alvarado River , and people salvaged some pipes of wine.

The ton French-built ship San Buenaventura under captaincy of Juan Francisco Grimaldi sank near the Tuscla River off the Sierras de San Miguel perhaps Sierra de los Tuxtlas , and sixty persons drowned, but people recovered some pipes of wine that washed ashore.

Veracruz , Mexico. Quite possibly a duplicate of one or two storms in Three ships lost somewhere near Martinique. Dominican Republic , Haiti , Cuba.

Made landfall near Veracruz [7]. The hour gale scattered the fleet and sent one vessel immediately to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Four vessels regrouped and arrived quickly in Virginia together; three others followed soon thereafter. The flagship Sea Venture under captaincy of Christopher Newport intentionally ran aground in Bermuda with water in her hold ship already 9 feet 2.

All men aboard her survived the storm and landed; from the remains of the Sea Venture and Juniperus bermudiana wood, the castaways then built two new full-rigged pinnaces , Deliverance and Patience.

A few passengers died during the month ordeal on Bermuda, and two more stayed on the island to secure the British claim; the remainder, including John Rolfe , boarded the new pinnaces and successfully sailed for Virginia; they arrived in May Seven merchant carracks naos in Spanish of this fleet wrecked during the night between Cabo Catoche and Isla Mujeres.

These naos carried merchandise worth 1. During the storm, this vessel split into two parts and sank so quickly that no one saved anything, "not even the crew or passengers.

The or ton carrack nao in Spanish San Miguel [12] under captaincy of Gaspar Conquero carried a cargo of pipes of wine , ceramic jugs of wine, boxes of mercury, and 75 bales of general merchandise.

Puerto Rico , Hispaniola. Hurricane San Leoncio of [13] [14] Caused extensive damage to Cathedral of San Juan Bautista , to the agriculture, and to sugar crops.

Hurricane struck Oriente Province and particularly the city of Bayamo. A small hurricane of normal intensity struck the convoy south of Cay Sal Bank.

This ship may be among the merchant naos or another treasure galleon. The interesting ton treasure galleon Santa Margarita shipwreck under captaincy of Pedro Guerrero de Espinosa or Bernardino de Lugo carried , Spanish pesos of silver bullion, 1,, additional Spanish pesos , tobacco, and other cargoes.

Two merchant carracks naos in Spanish of the Tierra Firma fleet wrecked against the Keys, apparently within an hour after the wreck of Santa Margarita.

Two other merchant carracks naos in Spanish of the Tierra Firma fleet swamped at sea and sank in deeper water, apparently within an hour after the wreck of Santa Margarita.

Of her passengers and crew, three sailors and two slaves clung to the top of the main mast sailing and survived; all the others, including admiral Pedro de Pasquier y Esparza, drowned.

She wrecked near the Dry Tortugas. A patache , reconnoitering for the convoy, wrecked, probably off the southeast side of Tortugas Banks or near Loggerhead Key in Dry Tortugas.

The storm probably claimed one to four other ships at sea never seen again. Possibly identical with the hurricane of 5 September. A second hurricane struck Havana.

Two Spanish merchant carracks naos in Spanish left Puerto Rico. She sank during a storm in the high seas off the Florida coast.

The hurricane destroyed the first tobacco crop that the English planted on Saint Kitts. It also struck Federal Dependencies of Venezuela. At the mouth of the Bahama Channel, a storm generated huge waves that tossed the ships like corks.

Rappaport [29] dates this storm to September. Antonio de Oquendo commanded a fleet, which a hurricane struck in the Old Bahama Channel , sinking two vessels.

Alternatively, this account may duplicate the previous storm. Hurricane San Nicomedes of or perhaps erroneously as Santa Catalina de Genova , this storm sank three ships in the bay of San Juan.

The storm destroyed plantations and limited the supply of cassava bread. River floods killed cattle and horses. The loss of three cargo ships left nude survivors.

Bernardo de Balbuena then served as bishop of San Juan. The bell tower of the convent of Saint Dominic collapsed, bringing down its vault architecture and the walls of the building and leaving the Religious without their cells.

The tempest left the main chapel in a state that the religious celebrated Mass and Liturgy of the Hours elsewhere in its aftermath.

A week after leaving port, a hurricane struck the fleet, and no vessel emerged intact. The Spanish never located the wreck nor salvaged any of its cargo.

The carrack nao in Spanish San Antonio under captaincy of Antonio de Lajust wrecked 1 league "windward of the port of Tabasco "; marine salvage recovered most of its cargo of cochineal.

Two other merchant carracks naos in Spanish wrecked on the coast of Campeche , but marine salvage recovered nothing from them. A treasure galleon of Spanish treasure fleet under captaincy of Lope de Hoces wrecked in Florida.

Indians apparently partially salvaged the wreckage. Luis de Horruytiner , governor of Florida, and his divers and canoes nevertheless recovered , pesos in registered treasure and took it to St.

Augustine, Florida. On 20 December, the governor wrote to Antonio de Oquendo in Havana , relating this account.

August 16]. Great Colonial Hurricane of Was a powerful New England hurricane that struck the Massachusetts Bay Colony in and was the Pilgrims first experience with a hurricane as it struck fifteen years after the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Rock.

Made landfall near Narragansett Bay. Eye of hurricane passed between Boston and Plymouth and caused a storm surge of 4. Due to strong winds, heavy rainfall, and high tide, hundreds of trees were toppled and nearly all homes were destroyed.

August 3]. Caused very high tides in Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island, but unknown if made landfall [36]. Saint Kitts formerly Saint Christopher Island.

August 5]. Saint Christopher Island experienced a severe tropical storm. Peter Minuit the man credited with buying the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans in exchange for traded goods died during this hurricane at sea.

On Peter's return from New Sweden in , his ship made a side trip to the Caribbean to pick up a load of tobacco. While having dinner aboard a Dutch ship a hurricane forced all ships out to sea.

Minuit and 't Vliegende Hart died during the storm. However, his ship the Kalmar Nyckel did make it back to Sweden without him. Unlikely connected storm with three storms affecting New England coastline this year given the date.

September 25]. Rain, winds, caused high tides in river and bay, but did little damage. Hurricane out at sea. October 9]. Rain, winds.

Did little damage. Hurricane encountered out at sea by few ships. French and English began to clear land on Saint Croix with Dutch assistance.

They also opened trails, constructed dwellings, and traded with Carib people for two months. A "storm" or "tempest" threw two of their vessels onto the coastal reefs off Coamo, Puerto Rico.

Two weakened survivors reached the shore aboard a longboat , and Spanish authorities took them prisoner and interrogated them. It affected 36 vessels and wrecked four of the ships ashore.

Nearly all their sailors drowned to death except saved. Hispaniola to Florida. Many people perished from eight lost ships. Men in twenty-two ships apparently drowned to death.

Father Jean-Baptiste Du Tertre , a Dominican missionary to the Antilles, accounted three hurricanes this year and describes the second as the worst.

It featured extraordinarily violent winds and abundant rains and lasted 24 hours. At Saint Christopher, it drove 23 fully laden ships ashore, drowning many among their crews.

Several sources suggest that Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter lost a ship in the storm; others place him far from the Antilles and suggest that he lost no ships.

He noted that it destroyed the transept of a parish church, pulled trees and huts, and left the soil barren. It also killed most crops, pigs , and cattle , leading authorities to import cassava and maize from Isla Margarita to feed the needy survivors.

A hurricane also struck Santo Domingo. A fleet of thirty Spanish ships and galleons from Tierra Firme laden with treasure sailing into the Bahamas encountered a powerful hurricane.

The reefs were named the "Silver Shoals" and the channels for passage named "The Silver passage" after the silver on the treasure ship was lost during this storm.

In September, the fleet captured two Franciscan priests, Antonio Vazquez and Andres Navarro, from a village in Mexico; the vessel also held eight other Spanish prisoners.

Three vessels stranded on arcas perhaps rocks , and ten continued for Havana. Before leaving Old Bahama Channel , they suffered a violent southeasterly hurricane during which nine of the ten ships sank.

During a lull in the storm perhaps the eye , the sole surviving ship deposited the ten Spaniards ashore, allegedly in Florida but perhaps in Cuba.

The hurricane resumed from the opposite direction, and the ship sank also. Despite great hardships, the Franciscans eventually arrived in Havana to tell the tale.

Father Jean-Baptiste Du Tertre wrote in his history of greatly violent storms that threw 28 ships on the roadstead of Saint Christopher probably Basseterre on Saint Kitts.

The disaster included sailors drowned and merchandise lost. Du Tertre notes that Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter avoided misfortune in the storm, but he probably passed the year near the Barbary Coast.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine , an English Royalist cavalier , commanded a privateer fleet of several ships. His fleet crossed the Atlantic in late spring with his brother Prince Maurice of the Palatinate aboard a vessel, traveling through the Antilles from Saint Lucia to the Virgin Islands.

Barbados and Saint Vincent island. The men aboard the ship unfurled the sails, and after the hurricane arose suddenly, the ship moved away from the coast, evading the dangers associated with running aground.

Father Guillaume Aubergeon lived on the island when a violent hurricane overturned the huts and threw many into the sea. It "caused the deaths of many savages" Carib people uprooted plants, and damaged the landscape.

He also suggests that this hurricane probably also struck Barbados given the normal track of tropical cyclones in the easterlies.

Several marine salvage operators aimed to recover this silver. This storm sunk two small marine salvage vessels with considerable recovered treasure off the south side of Gorda Cay now Castaway Cay.

The survivors recovered and buried the treasure on the island until Spanish ships came to their rescue and removed most of the treasure the following year.

The Spanish ultimately recovered 1. Veracruz, Veracruz. The depression or tropical storm caused damages in Veracruz, Veracruz. Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The hurricane destroyed the fleet and killed the admiral.

Still, he captured four ships as prizes Foxi the Antilles before returning to Nantes in France early the next year. Indians apparently partially salvaged the wreckage. August 25—26]. Britannica Quiz. Cubaoffshore Mexico. Here are the key Schneesturm that occurred between these years. Four vessels regrouped and arrived quickly in Virginia together; three others followed soon thereafter. Drittländer mit hohem Spanische Fliege, die in der Öffentlichen Bekanntgabe der FATF angegeben sind, anhaltende wesentliche Risiken hinsichtlich Geldwäsche und Terrorismusfinanzierung darstellen und die festgestellten Mängel wiederholt nicht angegangen sind. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Length: 13 pages. DPReview Digital Photography. Official Journal. Jetzt registrieren! Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review A DogS Purpose and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. 1675 Tastsensoren mit Temperaturregler B.

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