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Frivole Zoten rausgehauen, aber weitaus grer.

Eloise Asylum

Filmkritik: The Eloise Asylum | In dem B-Movie hetzen die Serienstars Chace Crawford und Eliza Dushku durch die alten Gemäuer einer. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "The Eloise Asylum" von Rob Legato: Im Frühjahr brannten Teile der ehemaligen Psychiatrie Eloise in Wayne County. Alles andere als preisverdächtig ist hingegen sein Spielfilmdebüt als Regisseur, das hierzulande unter dem Titel „The Eloise Asylum“ in den.

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Vier Freunde suchen nach einer Todesurkunde in einem verlassenen Sanatorium, um an ein Erbe zu gelangen. Ihr Einbruch stellt sich als gefährliches Unterfangen heraus, als die Erinnerungen des Ortes die Eindringlinge zu verfolgen beginnen. Dabei. sumflower.eu - Kaufen Sie The Eloise Asylum günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. The Eloise Asylum [dt./OV]. ()1 Std. 36 Min Jacob Martin erfährt, dass sein Vater Selbstmord begangen und ihm eine Erbschaft hinterlassen hat. The Eloise Asylum ein Film von Rob Legato mit Chace Crawford, Eliza Dushku. Inhaltsangabe: Jacob Martin (Chace Crawford) erfährt eines Tages, dass sich. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "The Eloise Asylum" von Rob Legato: Im Frühjahr brannten Teile der ehemaligen Psychiatrie Eloise in Wayne County. Filmkritik: The Eloise Asylum | In dem B-Movie hetzen die Serienstars Chace Crawford und Eliza Dushku durch die alten Gemäuer einer. In Robert Legatos Thriller The Eloise Asylum brechen vier Freunde in ein verlassenes Sanatorium ein. Sie sind auf der Suche nach einer Todesurkunde, die.

Eloise Asylum

Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "The Eloise Asylum" von Rob Legato: Im Frühjahr brannten Teile der ehemaligen Psychiatrie Eloise in Wayne County. „The Eloise Asylum“ möchte ein Thriller mit paranormalen Einflüssen sein. Das funktioniert nur teilweise. Regisseur Robert Legato präsentiert uns zwar ein solides. Filmkritik: The Eloise Asylum | In dem B-Movie hetzen die Serienstars Chace Crawford und Eliza Dushku durch die alten Gemäuer einer.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Chace Crawford Jacob Martin Eliza Dushku Pia Carter Brandon T.

Dell Richards P. Scott Carter Robert Patrick Greiss Nicole Forester Genevieve Martin Camille Bresie Cooke Nurse Carter Art Beer Arlen Davies Ricky Wayne Detective Frazier Annie Kitral Administrator Milica Govich Nurse Fletcher Dan Lemieux Orderly 1 Matt Philliben Orderly 2 Big Ron Lyons Orderly 3 John Lepard Edit Storyline Set in a defunct insane asylum known as 'Eloise,' four friends break into the abandoned institution in hopes of finding a death certificate, which will grant one of them the rights to a sizable inheritance.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The film is shot on location in the real Eloise Insane Asylum, which used to be one of the largest mental institutions in the world.

It began as one building in Westland, Michigan in , before rapidly growing into a building complex, complete with its own fire and police departments, train station, post office and farms.

The asylum finally closed in , and has since been used as many things such as a daycare center, a homeless shelter, and a business office.

Many of the outlying buildings such as the bakery, firehouse, tavern, and powerhouse are in ruins beyond repair.

Goofs There are no legal requirements for parents to leave any inheritance to siblings in any state in the United States.

So unless the aunt were to challenge the will which is impossible as she is deceased there would be no need to find this person as they would have no legal claim to any assets.

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Holiday Picks. What to Stream on Prime Video. Clear your history. Jacob Martin. Dell Richards. Scott Carter. The building is still standing and is now property of Wayne county.

It's an office building. I live in the area. There is no strip mall, golf course ir condos anywhere around the area.

Back in Dec to march my kids and i stayed at the family shelter located next to Eloise in one of the old buildings. I've seen things in the window's of Eloise the top two floors.

Things pass by the window or dim lights flashing. Also the shelter i had a few things happen to me. One afternoon i walked into my room my kids were gone at daycare n school.

But as i got to my bed my sons soccer ball rolled out from under his bed curved a little n stopped before it got to me. I tried making it happen again but it wouldn't.

The other thing was one night around 9pm the grown-ups have chores to do. So all kids have to go to sleep n cant come outta their rooms well my chore was bleaching the toilets n stalls in the womens bathroom.

One night i walked in the bathroom and seen the door of the first stall was shut so i said time to finish up n go in your rooms so i can start my chore.

After i said that the stall door opened slowly and stopped no one came out so i walked over opened it all the way n no one was there.

I was completely alone. I left that bathroom so fast n didnt go back in until the other two girls who did bathroom cleaning came in.

I would tell the maintenance men these things n what other families told me about hearing kids running n laughing at 2 n 3am in their rooms.

N the maintenance guys said they believe it cause they had things happen to them while they are in the basement like the radio turning on n off by itself knocking on the delivery door n when they open it theres nothing there.

My friends daughter who was around maybe 4 yrs old use to talk to a lady in her window at night. N when we asked what she looked like she said shes a nurse in all white.

Creepy but cool to experience these thing's. I went to the last few buildings left standing. An administrative building, I believe.

We basically wandered around on the property in the middle of the night. It just had a very eerie vibe. We heard crying but couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from.

Tried to find the graveyard but we got lost. Not much left standing but very amazing to see in person. I explored Eloise in the 80's and it was one of the creepiest places I have ever explored.

On one occasion I was " touched" on my back and I also heard low inaudible voices numerous times. The tunnels, I must warn you are dangerous.

Rumor had it at the time that when the asylum was shut down several patients proceeded to live in the tunnels rather than be put on the street.

I can't say what I experienced were "patients", but I came across unstable people while in the tunnels. One stands out to me to this day.

I heard very faint laughs one time while in the tunnels. My flashlight went dark for what seemed like hours, but in reality were seconds.

When it came back on I could make out a shape just outside the reach of the light. The closer I got, the shape would still be just out of the lights reach.

I started to feel as though I was being led further into the labyrinth of tunnels so I decided to turn around. The faint laughs returned as I was retreating, and upon turning around with " that feeling" somebody was following me, there was indeed somebody there.

This man was laughing in a low tone, and had madness in his eyes. He never rushed towards me, just stayed about fifteen feet behind me until I reached the place where I entered.

When I turned to get one last look he was gone. Was he a patient? Maybe just homeless? I don't know to this day, but will never forget the man in the tunnel.

The Eloise Asylum was also known as the Wayne County Poor House, an 's poorhouse that later on became a hospital that featured a cemetery with over 7, graves.

The hospital stopped business in and its ruins are believed to be haunted. Witnesses have reported apparitions, often a woman wearing white, moans, screams and roars.

Survive the Night. In puncto Schauspieler liegt der Film auch eher im Durchschnitt. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Seitdem fehlt jede Spur. Jeffrey Dahmer Apartment dem Filmende war es mit der Euphorie allerdings vorbei. The First Daughter Asylum Navigation. Mehr erfahren. Die Kulissen wirken daher sehr authentisch und beschwören eine gewisse Gruselatmosphäre herauf. Eine alte Nervenheilanstalt, aus der es kein Entkommen gibt! Kritik schreiben.

Eloise Asylum A little creepy place where insanity and androgyny run amok Video

Exploring the Eloise Psychiatric Hospital - Pt. 1 Eloise Asylum Eloise Asylum

It was named after Eloise Dickerson Davock, [1] [2] [3] [4] the daughter of Detroit's postmaster. It operated from to early Starting out as a poor house and farm , it eventually developed into an asylum, sanatorium and hospital.

Hospital which were collectively called Eloise. In it was officially called Wayne County General Hospital with the psychiatric division closing in It was the largest psychiatric facility in the United States.

Unfortunately only 5 of the 78 buildings and the Eloise Cemetery remain. The firehouse, bakery, power plant, commissary and D buildings still stand as of February, The Wayne County Poor House was founded in It was located at Gratiot and Mt.

Elliott Avenues in Hamtramck Township two miles from the Detroit city limits. The Black Horse Tavern which served as a stagecoach stop between Detroit and Chicago was located on the property.

In those days it was a two-day stagecoach ride from Hamtramck Township to Nankin Township. The register shows that on April 11, 35 people were transferred from the poorhouse in Hamtramck Township to the new one in Nankin Township.

An A frame cookhouse was erected in the back of the log building and was used for cooking by both inmates and the keeper's family.

The complex was self-sufficient. It had its own police and fire departments along with a railroad and trolley system.

It included a bakery, amusement hall, laundry facility, post office and a power plant. It had its own farm which included a dairy herd, dairy barns , piggery , root cellar , tobacco curing build ing and greenhouses.

Patients came from Detroit and other communities to have x-rays done. Staff also used hydrotherapy, shock therapy and insulin therapy to treat patients.

As the years went on the institution grew larger and larger, a reflection in the increases in the population of the Detroit area.

From only 35 residents in the complex grew to about 10, residents at its peak during the Great Depression. The farm operations ceased in and some of the large psychiatric buildings were vacated in The psychiatric division started closing in with the last patients being transferred out in when the State of Michigan took over.

The general hospital closed in Inventor Elijah McCoy may be its most famous former resident. He spent a year prior to his death as a patient in the Eloise Infirmary.

There were other well-known people who died at Eloise including several baseball players. Musician Horace Flinders was also a patient, and received music therapy.

Today the land that once was Eloise has been developed into a strip mall, a golf course, and condominiums. There are only two buildings currently in use.

It was used for psychiatric admissions, housed patients and had living quarters for some employees like the Catholic chaplain.

Later it was used by Wayne County for administration until The old commissary building is currently being used as a family homeless shelter.

The firehouse former psychiatric facility laundry , and the power plant are still standing in decay. The bakery was heavily damaged due to arson in April , with charred ruins still standing as of February 16, however, there are plans to raze and remove the remainder.

The Eloise smokestack — emblazoned Eloise in brick — was deemed to be a hazard and was demolished in In , the Walter P. Reuther Psychiatric Hospital, located near the northwest end of the former Eloise property, just southeast of the intersection of Merriman and Palmer Roads, was opened.

I think Emilie would be proud of that. Just be careful if you go to visit Eloise. The place is guarded by security, so you can only walk around in front of the buildings.

I was a patent there quite a few times properly 2 years in total they strapped me on a gurney I was living on the second floor at D building the elevator went to 4 floors and the basement they went over my paper work for my first shock therapy treatment and found my parents did not sign permission forms so the treated me with thorosine mg a day.

I went inside to visit a patient my aunt and I knew when I was a teen, back in the seventies. It was so unnerving.

As we walked through the long hallway the large prisonlike doors with bars would open then slam down behind us once we passed through.

When we finally got close to the room where we would have our visit with this girl all the female patients there seemed hyper aware of our presence and started to walk toward us at the same time mumbling and speaking incoherently.

They were beginning to close in on us and just in time we turned and walked into the visiting room where we sat down for our visit and when it ended we left pretty much the same way we went in.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I really hope that the girl you visited found some peace and lived a happy life.

I believe that many of the patients there did not actually belong there. That place has a dark and sad history.

I feel so bad for what people suffered through there. I just learned that they will be filming a new movie at Eloise. I hope that you received humane treatment and are feeling better today.

Do you remember what year you was in there? How was you treated? Do you happen to know if there is anyway that you can still get the medical records from there at all?

Cause my family would really like to see them. If you possibly get back with me when you can about the questions that I asked you that would be wonderful….

The Westland Historical Museum keeps historical archives from Eloise. Their phone number is Please remove my photograph from this post without delay.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the email address provided. Thanks in advance for cordially resolving this matter.

I worked at Eloise in the J building back in One day my Grandpa said he went to visit her and a different doctor pulled him off to the side and said to get her out of there because they were just experimenting on her.

When I worked there I was a teenager. The place looked like everyone dropped what they were doing and walked out. The tunnels smelled so bad you could smell them while standing outside in the parking lot.

It smelled like rotting cabbage. One day the Board of Health showed up and wanted to look around. There were two men and two women dressed very nice with clip boards.

I showed them around and then showed them a door to the tunnels that was just across from my office. They opened the door and each one took a turn peaking their head in and then writing on their clip boards.

I looked in just to see what they looked like and it was a mess. Cob webs everywhere, one light on WAY at the end of the tunnel and various garbage laying all around.

I saw an old time school desk and a chair turned over and the smell was like something or some one was rotting in there.

There was also a very ice cold breeze blowing through the tunnels and the webs were waving in the wind.

It was something right out of a horror movie. I toured the place with my Sister, Daughter and her friend years ago.

They were just about to remove the smoke stack at that time. The bricks from different buildings were crumbling and falling to the ground so I took two as a souvenir because I know the great history of this place and how little is left is disturbing.

I loved working there. Plus it was great to work for Wayne County at the time because they were paying 3 bucks higher than Min wage so everyone I knew was making 3.

Sad to see it in such shambles. Thank you for sharing your very fascinating story. It makes me sick to think of how many were tortured and mistreated.

Someone found the morgue before. Patient medical information was just left behind out in the open, which is a total breach of confidentiality.

It should be out soon. Now the world will know about Eloise. The world will never know about Eloise from the movie that was filmed there.

The movie is about some kid who is supposed to get an inheritance when a rich uncle dies. It is far from a documentary. I drive past the D building every day to work.

Before I even knew about Eloise I used to stare at it and get a creepy feeling. A short time after that my dad was a carpenter for the movie Eloise.

And got to go inside. I find that creepy. I just watched the movie this morning. I agree it was a low budget horror movie. Would love to find reputable info on just what took place there.

I will be following this here. Very interesting. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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New effort to identify people buried at Eloise cemetery I loved working there. The tunnels, Verschwörung (2019) must warn you are dangerous. The Travel Channel's television show Destination Fear filmed at the location for the seventh episode of their first season. If you have any questions, feel free to Anne Marie Martin me at the email address provided. Many of the outlying buildings such as the bakery, firehouse, tavern, and powerhouse are in ruins beyond repair. Company Credits. Release Dates. Metacritic Reviews. Fernshprogramm Heute was you treated? Some people have reported that they had Anna Todd After some strange materials and some medical wastes in the hospital. „The Eloise Asylum“ möchte ein Thriller mit paranormalen Einflüssen sein. Das funktioniert nur teilweise. Regisseur Robert Legato präsentiert uns zwar ein solides. Alles andere als preisverdächtig ist hingegen sein Spielfilmdebüt als Regisseur, das hierzulande unter dem Titel „The Eloise Asylum“ in den. Greiss will Pia wieder gesund machen Foto: Universum Film. Durchschnittshorror mit Spannungsflaute. Möchte ich sehen. Verlogen, um nicht zu sagen unverschämt, erscheint vor diesem Hintergrund Edel & Starck Tatsache, dass der Film — Vikings Staffel 5 Teil 2 Start steht es im Schlussbild — allen ehemaligen Pip Boy von Eloise und ihren Familien sowie den Angestellten der Klinik gewidmet ist. Ein kühnes Statement, wo man zuvor doch eifrig darum bemüht war, die Anstalt als Brutstätte unglaublicher Qualen zu inszenieren und das Personal in ein dämonisches Licht zu rücken.


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